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I find it incredibly hard to talk about myself sometimes, but here goes: I am a student that's deeply involved in my studies. I play several games and I love to write. Enjoy!

Star Spangled Spells

A Harry Potter fanfiction written by yours truly. You can find a listing of chapters here, along with a listing of characters and locations.

Star Spangled Spells; The Beginning, Ch. 1

Star Spangled Spells; Salem Witches' Institution, Ch. 2 

Star Spangled Spells; New World Wizardry, Ch. 3 

Star Spangled Spells; Hot Stuff, Ch. 4

Star Spangled Spells; A Skip, A Hop, and A Jump, Ch. 5

Star Spangled Spells; Rigorous Rivalry, Ch. 6 

Star Spangled Spells; Seeing is Knowing, Ch. 7 

Star Spangled Spells; When It Happens, You'll Know, Ch. 8 

Star Spangled Spells; Letters About Letters, Ch. 9 

Star Spangled Spells; First Day of the End, Ch. 10 

Star Spangled Spells; Silent Night, Ch. 11 

Main Characters;
All typical Harry Potter canon characters are the same here as the book universe.

Jason Crowe;
 Jason, the lone American student at Hogwarts, is a Ravenclaw Prefect. He is exceptionally talented and rivals his classmate, Hermione Granger, in class rank. He's a tall boy with jet black hair, just like his mother. He loves Transfiguration and Charms and is a leading member of Dumbledore's Army, a Hogwarts secret student society. His Patronus is a crow. Jason's wand is hazel wood with an onyx and silver string core. The shaft of the wand is decorated in silvery birds and the veins of the handle filled with silver when he first used it.
Madam Vivian Moxie;
Vivan Moxie is the reigning Headmistress of the Salem Witches' Institution of Magic, and was previously the Charms instructor. She is a fiery woman who shouldn't be crossed, and is highly involved in ProMagic legislation in the States. Moxie's roots are highly unknown, as she is known to Confund many of her records (most being Wanted notices from the English Ministry of Magic). She is a close friend of Minerva McGonagall and is a leading member of the Order of the Phoenix, as she can act freely on its behalf in the States. Her Patronus is an Alaskan wolf, and she has a Siberian husky familiar known as Balto. Her wand is pine wood with Artemian wolf (a creature native to Canada) hair core. Jason thinks that it resembles a small pine tree.
Diana Moone;
Jason's closest friend and sixth-soon-to-be-seventh year student at the Salem Witches' Institution. She is a bull-headed girl and is very firm in her beliefs. She is Texas raised, and stands up fiercely for her friends. She is currently a Prefect at the Institute. She comes from a very pure blooded family, though they do not flaunt the fact, as both of Diana's parents volunteer at the DMV office every weekend. Diana's Patronus is a Long-horned bull. Her familiar is a more-than-tabby cat named Ptolemy. Her wand is alder wood with a Wendigo talon core. Diana has gone through several wands, though the wandmaker is always willing to remake the same one for her.
Harley Charleston;
An American Death Eater. Originally a timid, soft spoken man, he taught Charms at the Salem Witches' Institution of Magic. One summer, however, he ventured to Europe and came back a "changed man." It was noted that his classes became exceptionally difficult and his top students were usually of pure wizarding blood. He attacked Amelia and Alexandria Crowe one summer night and was promptly fired from the Institute and exiled from Salem and other magical communities in the States.
Grandmother Matilda Crowe;
 Egan Crowe's mother and Jason's grandmother. She and Jason are not particularly close, as he was taken from her care to be placed under the wing of Vivian Moxie as a small child. This has caused her to be somewhat bitter. She is an Animagus; a very plump Finch with curling tail feathers.
Egan and Amelia Crowe;
The parents of Jason Crowe. Amelia was attacked by her coworker, Harley Charleston, along with her daughter, Alexandria, when Jason was only three months old. Amelia taught Transfiguration at the Salem Witches' Insitution of Magic. She was Muggle born and her Patronus was a (Canadian) goose. Egan, her husband and Alexandria and Jason's father, taught Divination at the Institute. He was of pure blood, but did not weight the trait heavily. The "Inner Eye" was common in the Crowe name, and Egan held the talent to see some glimpses of the future, allowing him to relocate Jason before Harley attacked his wife and daughter. Egan was found near the Canadian border, driven mad by an abstract spell from presumably Harley Charleston. He is deceased now. Egan's Patronus was an eagle owl. Amelia's wand was yew with a melted gold core, Egan's was almond with a single unicorn hair.
Alexandria Crowe;
Alexandria was the first child of Egan and Amelia, and was a Squib--incapable of doing any magic. She was into her teen years when she and her mother were attacked. Though she could not control any magic, it was documented by her father that she had Seen some events. Though she could not do magic, she was given a wand by Jessica Wald; elm wood with a strand of silver in the core.
Institution Staff and Students:
(Professor) Sandrah Cromwell;
Vivian Moxie's assistant. She is an uptight woman and is not fond of Jason's presence in the school during the summer months. However, she is a more than capable witch and fights fiercely on Moxie's behalf.
Professor Marcus Twain;
Current Charms professor at the Salem Witches' Institution of Magic. He is described as a very thin, very old man who is exceptionally kind.
Professor Peter Halliwell;
Potions Master at the Salem Witches' Institution of Magic. He is known as a "weak heart" and is commonly on leave from the school due to emotional outbreaks. An American Death Eater. Fired.
Madam Louise Fort;
The current Divination professor at the Salem Witches' Institution of Magic. She's an extravagant woman with expensive tastes. She is fully capable of using her Inner Eye and flaunts her ability frequently, often predicting danger. Fired.
Eddie Price;
A goonish boy that goes to the Salem Witches' Institution of Magic. He is a brute and not terribly bright, as he is convinced that Jason's room (located behind the Fideliused Jefferson Portrait) is where Moxie hoards the Insitute's gold.
Whitney and Whitnie Witney;
Brother and sister twins that are in Diana's year. They're odd children, and the Witney family is notorious for it's pure blooded beliefs. It is for this reason that the Witney and Moone families are often fueding, as they are somehow very distantly related. It is rumored that their family holds the ability for Sight, but it is highly unlikely.
Ghrendahline Mhrillch;
A mermaid hired to teach Divination at the Institute.
Other Characters:
Jessica Wald;
American Wandmaker, originally worked with her brother at Ollivander's. Moved to the States with her husband, Jeffery (Wald). Like her brother, she's a little out there and is often experimenting with wand woods and cores.
Gladys Winshire;
Gladys is the current Northern Cardinal. She considers herself Moxie's biggest rival, and they have been since their school days, though Moxie has long since been over the silly ordeal. An uncovered American Death Eater.
Paul Quinn;
The Eastern Cardinal. He is a round man from New York state that is usually seen in black suits and a matching top hat.
Morgan Tracey;
The Western Cardinal. Diana accuses her of spending too much time in California under the sun, as she is known to commonly pass laws that make no sense.
Charlie Charleston;
The Southern Cardinal. He is nothing like his brother, Harley Charleston. He and his family have publicly disowned Harley from the family and Charlie is fairly close to Vivian Moxie, as she was one of the witches that investigated his family. He has a very strong rivalry with his ex-brother.

Sophia Prax;
The Wizarding License Exam Master. She is a tall, slender woman that reminds Jason of a younger (and taller) Moxie.
Roger and Lucy Moone;
Diana's parents. They own a Magical Beast Ranch somewhere in Texas; they refuse to reveal the specifics to Moxie.
Important Locations:
Salem Witches' Institution of Magic;
The school at which Vivian Moxie is Headmistress. It is the United States equivalent of Hogwarts and  is run in a very similar fashion. It's location, though Unchartable, is somewhere around Salem, Massachusetts. It appears to be a very large white plantation house, with several hundred Undetectable Extension Charms on the building, allowing it to house the student body and all of the classrooms. An Anti-Apparation field surrounds the school, along with several other extremely protective spells.
The Underground;
Also known as New York City City, or the Brandnew York. It is the most popular Wizarding shopping destination stateside and is shrouded in mystery--some of the side streets are temporally unsafe. The Underground is divided into two "halves"; the left side is where the "fun" shops are placed, while the right side of the city is filled with the more "serious" businesses. Where they meet stands a huge bronze apple with a metal dragon that keeps the time by releasing a show of fireworks every hour. Visited locations include the Beaver's Lodge (the American wizarding bank) and New World Wands (the American wandmaker).
Hawthorne Forest
The only purely magical forest in the States. It is nestled on a hill above the Muggle New York City and was recently burned to the ground and regrown.
The Cardinal Four
The States are magically divided into four sectors; the North, East, South, and West. Each has a governing witch or wizard that decides the different methods of magic. The differences are very miniscule, as the East, South and West all run in the same manner. The Northern governors are usually erratic people who feel the need to do things "differently."
The Farmer's Market;
An area in the Midwest/North that is set up to resemble a year-round fairgrounds. There are numerous wizarding special events, all set up by the Northern Cardinal, Gladys Winshire. There is a Portkey building, and presumably many other magic-related buildings.
Office of Wizarding Affairs;
A very small building in which of-age wizarding students can take their Wizarding License Exam.

Magical Beasts of the United States and Northern America:
Artemian Wolves;
The pack of wolves that were said to hunt with the goddess Artemis. They reveal themselves only to prominent witches, one of whom is Vivian Moxie. She knows that their current location is somewhere near central Canada.
Beasts that live in a fashion similar to Dementors. They have the ability to feed off a person's sanity, and their bites are poisonous and infectious in that those bitten will become a Wendigo. Wendigoes that do not have red stripes are infected humans. 
Crop Watchers;
Scarecrow like creatures that, when tame, guard wizarding farms from magical pests. In the wild however, and there are very few wild ones after a bout of legislation about regulating them, they have the ability to breathe flames. They are often obsessed with their own flames and will dance around them until they burn everything to nothing. The flames do absorb a portion of magical energy, and in Jason's case, minimally aged his hair. They have a terrible fear of water.  

I claim no ownership of or association with J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and her characters. How they are used in this story is how I perceive them. All original characters are completely fictional.