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I find it incredibly hard to talk about myself sometimes, but here goes: I am a student that's deeply involved in my studies. I play several games and I love to write. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Crafter Finished!

I really don't know what it is, but the later it gets, the bigger my urge to Craft. So I channeled this weird, new found energy into tying up the loose threads for my Balance wizard. And I ended up with this!

Pierce doesn't take the best pictures..
And after that I switched over to my Myth and crafted some Untidy Bookshelves to put in his new house (which I'll make a video of sometime soon--can't make a video of him right now because he's rather weird looking with his Tricksy Hood and Boots but no robe...); frankly I did not know this recipe existed, and I love the bookshelf, so I made.. uh.. too many!

Also went and spruced (er, Giant Willow Tree'd) up my Ice's Observatory now that the garden is done. Here are some pictures; the first is where the Garden was (the Sun room) and the Fish Pond (Moon room).

So today was a great day! Hope yours was too, and have a good week!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Legendary Necromancy

It only took...areallylongtime...but my Death wizard, Alric Owl, finally hit Legendary today. I've been telling myself "you need to go quest!!", but I just didn't want to. You know? Who'd wanna quest when you can Garden.. or.. stand around and spin while you watch TV? Exactly!

Alric still has quite a bit of Celestia to finish up; he's just at the end of Stormriven Hall now. I had tons of training points to use (because I didn't train my Death in Life), so I went and trained Myth all the way to Earthquake and trained the Minotaur Mutate so now I have a faster method of breaking those pesky Tower Shields (which I also went ahead and trained, by the way).

That's a good Bone Drake. We'll try to dry you off later...
Maelstrom Snap Dragons also started to go Elder this morning. Sadly, I've only gotten one Triton card total. Plenty of Disarm and Cleanse Charm, but the things I want are being pretty elusive. Must say, however, that I was surprised to receive Golden Pearls, Sunstone, and a Mega Snack from earlier harvests (well the Mega was from Elder, but you get the point!).

That's gonna hurt in the morning.
And that's about all I have for this post! Myth is having rotten, rotten luck with Waterworks gear--seems like Luska and Sylster just don't want him to stop visiting!


Sunday, June 26, 2011


So I gave the blog a little facelift. I like it, though I'd appreciate some comments from you all. Is this font easy enough to read? I tried to find a font that looked like hand writing, and to be honest I do a lot of my writing in cursive--though it does seem to be a lost art to a lot of people. If it's too problematic please do leave a comment or shoot me an email/tweet.

Also, in the past year or so I have been writing a bit of fanfiction in my spare time. Depending on how adventurous I'm feeling I may start posting little bits of it. It's not my best writing, as I started it last year and you wouldn't believe how a couple of English classes can change the way you do EVERYTHING.
I call it "Dragonspyre Academy" and it's basically about the untold fall of the Dragonspyre Academy from the viewpoints of two students (one from Dragonspyre and another from Ravenwood) as they journey through the Worlds in order to get back to the war front. It's a bit Alternate Universe and doesn't follow the exact guidelines the game has set up in terms of battle and magic in general, but that's what artistic liberties are all about!
EDIT: As it turns out, the document didn't save right when I sent it to myself before my laptop was sent in. The file I have still has some of the text, it's just kinda.. weird. I'll work on it!


Saturday, June 25, 2011

This Week in Review

It has been a beautifully weird week. Yes, weird is beautiful.
This week I have found a new respect for Wizards that play in the Spiral on computers that aren't as advanced as others. While the game does not look horrible on my Desktop, it does not run very well at all. I will never complain about lag ever again (well... never may be an over-exaggeration).

But outside of the hardware realm, it's been a pretty productive week for me in-game. I've made ...some... progress on a new Pet for my Ice and I've actually crafted several items over the course of the week--some Wintertusk rings and athames, a Trident of Typhoons for my Myth wizard (who I'm told has horrendous Block Rating)--I even took the time to go reagent farming somewhere in there! I've been thinking and I may just try to craft a Watchtower Hall for my Myth wizard. ...Maybe.

Test went up so that we could all see the new Malistaire Cut-Scene. I suppose I like it, though now that I've seen it once (well, twice. Had to check the Second Chance Chest the second time around.), I'm not sure I'll ever want to see it again. So instead of that, I did some Pet Training! Because, honestly, why else would we go on Test? Oh yeah.. to uh.. test.. stuff... Heh.
My Wyvern was plagued with Disarm, leading to me staring a new Ice Pet, and my Krok got Sharp Shot (though my Balance wizard has been overseeing the Ice Pet business; Don't ask.), so yay for at least one helpful pet!

Gardening has been somewhat uneventful. I don't know if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I planted some Maelstrom Snap Dragons (MSDs) in hopes of harvesting some Triton Treasure Cards. Well, it's been at least 7 Harvests now and I have not gotten much outside of Perfect Gems and Celestial Reagents, though the Aether and Golden Pearl harvests are ALWAYS appreciated. I'm very hopeful that Elder Harvests are keeping the good stuff in store for me.
This closely resembles the weather we had here ALL WEEK.
And Mocha's expression closely resembles my own because of that.

Other than the norm I have not had much to do in-game, which has lead me to start pondering *gulp* PvPing! *Dun dun dunnnnn!!!!* Just kidding (I think). Will need to work on getting my WaterWorks gear before that, however, so there's probably more to talk about next week then, isn't there? ;)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twitter! And hard drive eating Gobblers!

So I finally caved and made a Twitter account. And when I say caved I mean "finally got around to signing up for an account." The widget, which I spent an hour trying to find, is over in the sidebar (which I spent another hour trying to make fit). And thanks to the #Twizards for the warn welcomes to the Twittersphere.

And in sad news today, my laptop pooped out last night while I was farming Gobblestone for another Colossus statue. The computer people say my HDD drive failed, so I have to get a whole new hard drive. Fuuuun...

Also typing this from my iPhone, because Google wouldn't let me sign in on my Desktop, so I have to cut this a little short. Talk to you all soon--hopefully on a working computer!

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Recruits!

A big, hearty welcome to Katherine_Light, Jesse Nightwalker, and King Ysmir (also known as Alric Ravensinger) as they are welcomed into the Mercenaries for Hire family. I look forward to working side by side with all three of you in the future! 

Read more about it here!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Crafting Rush

So I had a little rush of inspiration this evening and decided to finish up my Myth's Grandmaster Artisan quest, using the joint efforts of..well..all of my wizards that can get into the Portico.

KI stated a while ago that they were "slightly upping the drop rate of Golden Pearls." Did anybody else know that meant "adding Black Pearl Drops making Golden Pearls virtually nonexistant"? ;)
Just teasing.

And, because I was still on my Crafting Rush (that's what I'm going to call it from now on :P), I decided to get my Balance's Seals of Seraphim done and started on collecting for his Possibility Dirks.

Looks like I might actually make 3 Grandmaster Artisans this year! ;P

Aaah, Fooey!

Don't get me wrong, I really love this game, but sometimes it can be so infuriating!

This is my current pet project. The parents were, of course, my Ice Wyvern (Ice-Giver at Teen, IceBlade at Adult) and one of my Sea Dragons (honestly can't remember..). Now everything was looking good for this pet--great Strength and Agility, high Power--and then.. Tower Shield.

I don't need to tell you, but this Ice Wyvern is on my Ice wizard. Tower Shield, though I'm sure useful for many others, is really a pointless Talent for Quinn. What frustrates me is that neither Sea Dragon has that Talent manifested. And I know unmanifested Talents transfer and appear, but why always the ones that I don't want?


In other Pet news, both my Judgement and Scarecrow manifested Mana Gift. Maybe I should take up gardening for little while..


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celestial Observatory

So I don't think I posted the video of my Celestial Observatory when I first made it, so to start things off, here's the first video of the house:

When I made this video, I didn't have the Moon or Star levels of the house completed, and I hadn't put in a gardening set-up (using the methods I posted about once upon a time ago). It took me a while, but I finally got the final levels decorated, giving us this video:

(Quinn's sporting a new look, if you didn't notice. Fits the Ice in him, doesn't it?)
There you can see the added Moon and Star levels and the little gardening set-up--the Dirt Pile allows me to see down on my Garden, which really helps with aiming the spells.

Not much else for me to say that isn't said in the videos. Talk to ya later!