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I find it incredibly hard to talk about myself sometimes, but here goes: I am a student that's deeply involved in my studies. I play several games and I love to write. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Roll Call!

I just realized this morning that I haven't made a post with all my wizards in it yet. I know it's not required by the Big Book of Blogs, but I suppose I should give you some clue as to who I'm talking about sometimes.

Quinn FrostGrove; Ice Wizard Extraordinaire! Try naming three things this Wizard HASN'T done! Quinn was my first wizard back in Beta Days, except he FrostBlade. I switched Blade for Grove when I realized I liked Life as a secondary much more (he was Ice/Storm). Now he's trained in Life, Death, Star (Amplify), and Sun (to Gargantuan). I'll explain his lack of Energy in a bit.

Zachary WillowGrove was my...4th? wizard. I made about 10 different Life wizards before I finally decided I wanted to keep one. I love Life; maybe because I feel is pretty much just like Ice, but with better Health control.

Zach RavenTalon was my second wizard. Balance was so interesting, Judgement seemed so powerful.. Ahh, those were the days. RavenTalon is the first wizard I tried the level 55 Crafted Gear out with; needless to say I've fallen in love with it. That Celestial Observatory has my Crafting Slots a little preoccupied at the time, however.

Zachary LegendForge; the wizard I tried to start PvPing with... It didn't work out. I ended up dueling the same person 3 times, and his mood got worse with each one. He's my third wizard, though I put him on hold to start WillowGrove and finish RavenTalon. He is, however, my second Master Artisan. In retrospect, I should have given him my MFP/started for the Observatory on this wizard. Oooh well..

My fifth wizard, Zachary RainCaster. Because of this wizard, I have a Love/Hate relationship with the Storm School. All the worlds through Mooshu were horrible. I don't think I did ANYTHING alone. With Celestia and Dragonspyre, I realized the magic that is Tempest, however, and everything just seemed so much easier! He is wearing 55 Crit Gear as well.

My last, perhaps one of my favorites, Alric Owl. I've just started him in Celestia, and found that I'm not all that happy with Scarecrow being unboostable. Double Wraithing/Skeletons take too long, in my opinion, so I've kinda put him on the back burner.

Well, those are the boys. Now about that depleted Energy..
Wow.. That Unicorn looks creee-py!
For anybody, yes anybody, interested in Gardening, you should definitely hop on over to Central and check out this thread. We may not be able to stack anymore, but that doesn't mean we can't get the most out of our gardens! I've started a Frozen Fly Trap garden in hopes of getting some Diamonds--the one and only reagent I refuse to run around and look for..


Friday, February 25, 2011

Krokotillian Progress

Soooo, I was training my Balance's Krokotillian this morning, and let me just tell you. In a week of doing nothing but training this thing and crafting Snacks for any additional generations, I'm stuck at a crossroads. But, that may not necessarily be a bad thing..

So, my problem: I've gotten all of the Talents I wanted, but what next? I've got a couple of routes I can take..
1. Train to Epic -- I'm hesitant about this because of those Rare Talents. One of them is Mana Gift and the others are probably selfish, and I do NOT want this pet tainted with something that will possibly make it unhatchable in the future.
2. Hatch Again -- I would like to do this again, but I don't really see the need to, as I already have the Talents I wanted. I could always hatch with my other Sea Dragon and hope for Pierce Train, or other Epic talents from a Sea Dragon. I suppose I'm worried about not getting the Talents I have now, though I could always just use Snoopie if I wanted.
3. Leave it as is. Well.. self-explanatory.

Oh the complex decisions of life. Over doing it? Maybe just a tad. :P


Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents' Day!

I hope everybody is enjoying their day off; if you have one today. If you don't.. well.. sorry for rubbing it in? :(

I was going to post lots of interesting President facts and have a little mini-History lesson, but then I remembered that History is kinda boring. Not that I think it is, but..

Let's talk about Wizard101!
I finished crafting the things I need for the Celestial Observatory. If I can keep the gold I have and not spend it, I should be able to get it done first day! Woo-woot! But while I wait for that to be released on Live, I've been looking at the other Celestia Housing items I could craft and decided I'd make some Statues and Bookshelves. Just a little funny how the Celestian furniture is SO HUGE! Statues are supposed to be big, yes, but look at the size of this Bookshelf!

That doesn't make me feel short at all.. Anyway, I plan on crafting some Celestian Planters, too. And more Tree Sprigs and I'll be farming at Nallanor for some Blooming Trees. Thankfully Trees are better when they're bigger.

I'll close up Crafting with a ProTip (Yeaaaaah, ProTip!): Don't feel limited to the Chancel or Trial of Spheres for your Sand and Sunstones, I personally beat up on Nuncio in the Crab Empire. Both he and his minion are Fire school, so it's easy pickings for my Ice wiz. Most of the end-Science Center and up bosses will drop at least Sandstone.

Pets! So I talked about my Sea Dragons last post and said I was going to get to Hatching with them, and guess what! Just guess! Oh I'll tell you--I did! I was running up Big Ben (Meowiarty's Magical 14 Floors of Madness and Mayhem) sometime this weekend and old Meowiarty dropped his Krokotillian for me! Woot! So I set to hatching on my Balance wizard and have come out with a pretty nice Egg. Princess Rufus and Queen Phoebe were the parents. And here's the Egg:

Was going to give you a picture of the baby, but the timer glitched. Looks like we've got a long wait..

In other Pet news, Quinn got an Ice Bird--finally. I've only been farming since it came out!
Have a great week!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sea Dragons and...

...my progress on the items for the Celestial Observatory. Yeah.. would've been a really long title.
Anyway, I've got most of the items crafted. Just 4 more Crystal Street Lamps and about 40,000 more Gold. Early out tomorrow afternoon, so the Gold won't be a problem. Oh, and don't listen to what I said in my other post. I can't count..

Now for the meat of this post: Sea Dragons!
For those that don't know, I am a M4H over on Central. Fun times, though I don't get to help near as much as I'd like with all this stuff teachers call homework. But, that's a story for another day--I like to pick up farming runs. Nothing better than sitting around killing the same thing over and over again (and I mean that with sincerity). Lately runs for Astraeus and his cage of Sea Dragons have been popular, and needing Star Icons I was getting in as many as I could (which has changed, but I already told you that!) and being terribly lucky--or unlucky, as circumstances would have it--I keep getting Sea Dragons instead of those darn Star Icons! Ugh! I had no idea getting such a nice pet could be so annoying! (Okay, maybe I'm laying the sarcasm on a little too thick.. :P)

But, why put a good pet to waste? I set to training the currently 2 Sea Dragons I have on my Balance wizard (because he unbelievable has a loooot of Snacks to waste) and got some pretty nice talents.

I'll start with Oscar. He's a good pet; no Stat adders, but some "May Cast"s and Piercemonger.

He likes Rank 5 Pretzels and loooves his Taffies and is very fond of casting that Spritely whenever he pleases (which can get rather annoying). I have not had the chance for him to really test out Pierce Train; I'm not big in the Arena right now and Celestia Mobs tend not to use shields. Definitely a Pet I'll be using for hatching purposes when I get time..

Next is Princess Rufus--now, I'll warn you that I usually change names of my pets, but Princess Rufus was just too.. silly to get rid of.

Princess Rufus has the same tastes as his (her?) brother, though she (he?) fancies King Bananas, too. Sorry I didn't get the number for Spell-Proof, but I can assure you that it's not all that high right now. But again with the Spritely! I love it! Spritely is one of my favorite talents; the less I have to worry about healing myself, the better in my book. This is definitely a pet that will get to spend some time in the Hatchery.

Aaah, such high hopes and ambitions. Maybe they're coming on so strong because Spring is in the air (and coming out of my Pink Dandelions! *ba dum tss*). It's been absolutely beautiful here--42 degrees today! WHAT?! I know, I know, 42 seems low, but GEESH!--after two weeks of consistent below 0 temps, I'll take anything!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Update!

Howdy everybody!
Just thought I'd wrap up my weekend with a blog post, so let's review.

Yesterday (Saturday) I harvested my Elder Pink Dandelions; Wow! They give some nice stuff! A couple of rare reagents, another Pink Dandelion seed, and a reaaaally nice Pet Snack, something called Golden Pizza.

Pretty bright for almost dead things..
I also finished scooping up the Pearls and Golden Pearls I needed for the Celestial Observatory. Now I just have to wait out the evilly long crafting times for all of the furniture. Should be a fun.. 16 days. (Had to count up all the things left to craft..) By the way, if you crafters out there haven't checked the Test Realm in the last week or so, the Star Icon requirement was changed to Celestian Shields (from that Hammer Head Shark boss in the District of Stars). Not that I care; had the Star Icons sitting around anyway.

Yesterday was Cassandra Dragonheart's Wizardversary; was a fun few hours of watching PvP. I was tempted to join in once, but I had some things to do around the house and didn't want to leave in the middle of a round. Happy 1 Year, Cass!
(I'll be going on 3 come July 11.. Geesh, Quinn is getting old.)

Other than that, I've been farming the Ravens for gold. No matter what people say, I think the Ravens are better than the Chancel any day. Faster and constant pricing; none of that back and forth with most Celestial Gear.

Anyway.. Have a good week!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Black Pearl-a-palooza!

Simply amazing! But.. now I understand why KI's done something against Gardening stacking. Good things in large doses become bad things, right?

Other than that feat of amazingness, there's not much else for me to say this post. If you haven't been on the Test Realm yet, I'd hop on and check things out; maybe dust off your Myth wizard and check out the new Orthrus animation.

We played/are playing that song for marching band. I'm simply in love with it.. (It's Phantom of the Opera if you didn't know.)

Until next time!