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Thursday, December 30, 2010


A welcome to you, and to me! I've never done this whole blogging thing before, so hopefully it'll get better as it goes along. My goal for this is just to document day to day life in the realm of Wizard101; hopefully it doesn't get too boring.

I suppose to start things off I should introduce myself:
I am, among other names, Mr.Owl. I've been Mr.Owl for the majority of my virtual life. I started off this adventure we call the Internet on a Disney game called VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom). It was awesome, but got shut down. Sad day.

From there I joined a fansite for VMK. I help moderate the site now, which will be transitioning to a plain ol' Disney fansite sometime in the future.

I've played a few games between VMK and Wizard101, mainly Tales of Pirates (ToP) and MapleStory. Both are primarily run from outside of the United States, so they weren't terribly fun to play. Really big grindfests, which aren't fun.. Ever. My friends are what kept me playing them, and once they started leaving, I decided I was done wasting my money and moved on.

That brings us to Wizard101. I joined way back in Beta (don't have the Pioneer Dragon to prove it; sorry. That hat had a SUN BIRD card; no way was I getting a stinky old dragon over that hat).
I am the Mr.Owl from Wizard101Central; don't be afraid to say hi.

I have 6 wizards; 4 are Legendary (Ice, Balance, Life, Myth) and the other 2 (Death and Storm) are Grandmasters. I enjoy crafting, so I'm trying not to start the last two until I have their CL gear completed.
I also tried Gardening; it's not my favorite. Too much energy use, but that's a discussion for a later date. I'm only going to get the Grandmaster Gardner rank, and then I think I'm done with that.

Soo.. yeah! Hopefully this blogging thing will work out. As of right now, I'm typing this post thinking in the back of my head, "Nobody is going to be reading this, you don't have to be so engaging.." But, you know what, a new year is right around the corner; maybe it's time for a little attitude shift.

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  1. Welcome Owl! :) It is a new year coming upon us and with it new things and expectations for ourselves. Good luck with your blog. I am sure you will do great!