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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Well Hello There!

It's been a while, hasn't it. Or,well, it's felt like a while.
My life after this week just got ten times easier--why, you ask? Because I'm done, yes done, with my "hard" classes (hard is fun, in my dictionary though), so I'm not jammed with homework and notes to take every night. And--oh yes, there's more!--we got our internet fixed! Running faster than ever, if I dare say so myself.

But there's not much to report on the world of personal Wizarding. I finished up my Frozen Fly Traps again Monday. Diamond Grand Total--119! And several messages from the Librarian dog (I really can't remember his name right now..) that my Treasure Deck was full. Guess I should use some of those Ice spells..

So I started a Silver Trumpet Vine garden in my Celestial Observatory. I didn't have a full stock of 32 to make a perfect garden, so I've got some Helephant Ears and a King Parsley scattered around. No Gong of the Oni though; that Death Oni seems to think I'm fond of Leprechauns.

If you live under a rock (or don't read the messages as you sign into the game..) Wintertusk has been announced. It's a continuation of Grizzleheim, and I'll just say it loud and proud right now--I love Grizzleheim! It probably is my favorite world. Reminds me so much home; the winters, the trees, the green life. Aaaah.. Anyway--there's supposedly some new spells and quest pets coming out. My wizards are all maxed out (besides my Death wizard..whom I really should get serious with Celestia), so I'll be running through for the fun of it, like I did for GH.

On the note of Pets, two "new" ones have been spotted and cracked; the Nightmare and the Egg Pet. I'm not very fond of either; the Egg Pet loos like an Easter pet and the Nightmare is Fire--icky for an Ice wizard focus.

That's all I've got to talk about. More to come as things keep happening!
(Blogger is being weird and not letting me post images, so pretend this is that neat-o image I always post!)
Immaaagination exercise!

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