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Monday, April 4, 2011

Pets and Plants and Producer's Letters

To start this post off, let's hear it for a great April Producer's Letter. Most of the time the letters are kinda vague and don't rile up much of my interest, but this month's is packed with things I can't wait to find out about (and maybe it having something to do with my favorite world changes things..). You can read the letter here.

Secondly, I have gotten back into getting some of those "Dream Pets" on my Wizards. Now that I have two Sea Dragons, it's pretty easy to get started--definitely recommend that you all spend some time farming Astreaus. Anywho! When I last left off I had gotten my Balance's Dream Krok--and I might just mention that now the Blade/Trap Card giving Talents stack with their base forms when used; woot for Hexter! Bosses of the Spiral, fear my Judgment!

But I've picked up on my Storm and Life wizards. I'll talk about my Life first, as his needs were relatively easy. All I wanted was a Brown Spider (it's Innate card gives a spell that will put up a Life Damage bubble) with Spritely. Now, I changed my mind on the Spritely part--why? Because it was so annoying when my Turtle would use up my Guiding Light cards (right before I was about to Overheal somebody, mind you. I like big numbers..), so I gave up trying for that talent and instead began looking for Lifeblade and Blade of Life (both of which manifested on a Turtle I got from Tempus Stormfist--another great farming spot!). Now I'm not a big attacker when I'm in groups, and when I'm alone I tend to go for big one hit kills with either Centaur or Wookie--I mean Forest Lord, so the May Cast Lifeblade talent probably wouldn't be all that beneficial to me. So I settled with Blade of Life...and...well...I got it. So that pet's done right? Probably. I'm not hard to please with Pets, being as unpredictable as they are. In the future I may go through again and try to get some other talents on it, but for now, I'll take it!

Now my Storm's pet was rather difficult to come up with. I posted quite some time ago that I was trying for a Stormman, and I've changed that. I figured I've got so many Thunder Colossus sitting around, I might as well make them useful. So I hatched my TColossus with a Sea Dragon and was amazed; a jump in pedigree from 57 to 65! It's one of my favorite pets now, as it got a Talent that hadn't even manifested on it's Parent Dragon. I'm aiming for Spritely, which hasn't shown up yet, but I'm hopeful.

And to wrap up, I'll give you a picture of my Silver Trumpet Vines. I really don't like gardening, but I wanted some Balance Blades and Cleanse Charms and Pierces, so I figured I might as well use what I have. They wouldn't be so bad if they didn't insist on randomly wilting. Darn bugs (err--the glitch kind..) in the system!
And a picture of my new Starlight Pony! Lucky you!

That looks to be about it for this post (it's kinda long, isn't it?). Just wanted to plant a seed and say that I plan on going a bit "bigger" with posts in the future. Not that I don't love talking about myself (just kidding; I don't.. I don't think..), but I like to write more about mechanics and speculation than day to day things. Perhaps my first project will be to dig into what I think Wintertusk will be like. Time will tell!


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