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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th--Independence Day! As you can see, Quinn is dressed up for the occasion (though it's an outfit from Marleybone, which is kinda based on England... Hmm..)!

I hope everybody's holiday weekend is going great; we did all of our normal family festivities last night because everybody's gotta work tomorrow, and well, our parties here tend to bleed pretty late into the night. Owl--a party animal?! No, not really. I'll leave that to the Wookie spells.

I didn't have a lot to do this past week in the Spiral. My Myth finally did get his Boots (or his Hat.. I can't remember!) from the Waterworks. We're still trying to pry my Robe from Sylster's scaly hands.

In my boredom, I kinda went out and bought a gift card (just a Storm Colossus with a Storm Shield; another pet to sit around the Observatory..) and then did some binge stitching. I'll admit I have a problem with stitching--Stitchers Anonymous meets every 8th day of the Week in Marleybone. Abigail Doolittle is the chair of the group. (Oops, there goes her Anonymous status..)

But anyway! My Spirit wizards were looking kinda ragged and mismatched with their previous outfits and their Waterworks gear, so here's how you can expect to see them in future posts:
I find myself sticking a theme to each of my wizards. Death is obviously sporting the Marleybone look (with the Raven shoes. I love them!). Life is channeling some Mooshu trends (and I think I'll be doing his robe over again; I'm just not sold). Myth is holding onto the Celestia look--seems fitting, doesn't it? We're digging up old legends and he is a LegendForge after all.

My Death, whom I've been trying to get through Celestia--it's just soo long, took a walk through Nastrond yesterday, giving me this Photo Op. I think he looks rather devious.
What's so bad about an Everwinter, anyway?
I must say that Nastrond is really not as bad as I had it pegged in my head. And, well, I really, really love those necklaces. And I mean.. really.

So I hope everybody's week goes well, and I get this feeling that it's going to feel pretty long if it continues to be this hot. Have fun in the Spiral!

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