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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crafted Out!

As of 10 minutes ago, my Life wizard, Zachary WillowGrove, has achieved Grandmaster Artisan! And I think I was right when I said the quests just get easier and easier the more you do them. My biggest problem now-a-days is finding the Nightshade for the Crimson Book Stands. I must admit, however, that my reagent stores are somewhat depleted, and now that I'm looking to start crafting Rebirth cards they're going to take even harder hits. Yaaay...!

It was a rather whirlwind journey with this wizard. Finish one quest and start on another--I actually did the Book Stands and the Amulet back to back; pays to have those short timer times. ;)

But while I recuperate, I will be geeking out to the live coverage of the London HP7 Pt. II. You too can watch it here on YouTube. Off to nerd out for a little while! Talk to you later!


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