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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Roll Call!

I just realized this morning that I haven't made a post with all my wizards in it yet. I know it's not required by the Big Book of Blogs, but I suppose I should give you some clue as to who I'm talking about sometimes.

Quinn FrostGrove; Ice Wizard Extraordinaire! Try naming three things this Wizard HASN'T done! Quinn was my first wizard back in Beta Days, except he FrostBlade. I switched Blade for Grove when I realized I liked Life as a secondary much more (he was Ice/Storm). Now he's trained in Life, Death, Star (Amplify), and Sun (to Gargantuan). I'll explain his lack of Energy in a bit.

Zachary WillowGrove was my...4th? wizard. I made about 10 different Life wizards before I finally decided I wanted to keep one. I love Life; maybe because I feel is pretty much just like Ice, but with better Health control.

Zach RavenTalon was my second wizard. Balance was so interesting, Judgement seemed so powerful.. Ahh, those were the days. RavenTalon is the first wizard I tried the level 55 Crafted Gear out with; needless to say I've fallen in love with it. That Celestial Observatory has my Crafting Slots a little preoccupied at the time, however.

Zachary LegendForge; the wizard I tried to start PvPing with... It didn't work out. I ended up dueling the same person 3 times, and his mood got worse with each one. He's my third wizard, though I put him on hold to start WillowGrove and finish RavenTalon. He is, however, my second Master Artisan. In retrospect, I should have given him my MFP/started for the Observatory on this wizard. Oooh well..

My fifth wizard, Zachary RainCaster. Because of this wizard, I have a Love/Hate relationship with the Storm School. All the worlds through Mooshu were horrible. I don't think I did ANYTHING alone. With Celestia and Dragonspyre, I realized the magic that is Tempest, however, and everything just seemed so much easier! He is wearing 55 Crit Gear as well.

My last, perhaps one of my favorites, Alric Owl. I've just started him in Celestia, and found that I'm not all that happy with Scarecrow being unboostable. Double Wraithing/Skeletons take too long, in my opinion, so I've kinda put him on the back burner.

Well, those are the boys. Now about that depleted Energy..
Wow.. That Unicorn looks creee-py!
For anybody, yes anybody, interested in Gardening, you should definitely hop on over to Central and check out this thread. We may not be able to stack anymore, but that doesn't mean we can't get the most out of our gardens! I've started a Frozen Fly Trap garden in hopes of getting some Diamonds--the one and only reagent I refuse to run around and look for..


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