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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sea Dragons and...

...my progress on the items for the Celestial Observatory. Yeah.. would've been a really long title.
Anyway, I've got most of the items crafted. Just 4 more Crystal Street Lamps and about 40,000 more Gold. Early out tomorrow afternoon, so the Gold won't be a problem. Oh, and don't listen to what I said in my other post. I can't count..

Now for the meat of this post: Sea Dragons!
For those that don't know, I am a M4H over on Central. Fun times, though I don't get to help near as much as I'd like with all this stuff teachers call homework. But, that's a story for another day--I like to pick up farming runs. Nothing better than sitting around killing the same thing over and over again (and I mean that with sincerity). Lately runs for Astraeus and his cage of Sea Dragons have been popular, and needing Star Icons I was getting in as many as I could (which has changed, but I already told you that!) and being terribly lucky--or unlucky, as circumstances would have it--I keep getting Sea Dragons instead of those darn Star Icons! Ugh! I had no idea getting such a nice pet could be so annoying! (Okay, maybe I'm laying the sarcasm on a little too thick.. :P)

But, why put a good pet to waste? I set to training the currently 2 Sea Dragons I have on my Balance wizard (because he unbelievable has a loooot of Snacks to waste) and got some pretty nice talents.

I'll start with Oscar. He's a good pet; no Stat adders, but some "May Cast"s and Piercemonger.

He likes Rank 5 Pretzels and loooves his Taffies and is very fond of casting that Spritely whenever he pleases (which can get rather annoying). I have not had the chance for him to really test out Pierce Train; I'm not big in the Arena right now and Celestia Mobs tend not to use shields. Definitely a Pet I'll be using for hatching purposes when I get time..

Next is Princess Rufus--now, I'll warn you that I usually change names of my pets, but Princess Rufus was just too.. silly to get rid of.

Princess Rufus has the same tastes as his (her?) brother, though she (he?) fancies King Bananas, too. Sorry I didn't get the number for Spell-Proof, but I can assure you that it's not all that high right now. But again with the Spritely! I love it! Spritely is one of my favorite talents; the less I have to worry about healing myself, the better in my book. This is definitely a pet that will get to spend some time in the Hatchery.

Aaah, such high hopes and ambitions. Maybe they're coming on so strong because Spring is in the air (and coming out of my Pink Dandelions! *ba dum tss*). It's been absolutely beautiful here--42 degrees today! WHAT?! I know, I know, 42 seems low, but GEESH!--after two weeks of consistent below 0 temps, I'll take anything!


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