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Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents' Day!

I hope everybody is enjoying their day off; if you have one today. If you don't.. well.. sorry for rubbing it in? :(

I was going to post lots of interesting President facts and have a little mini-History lesson, but then I remembered that History is kinda boring. Not that I think it is, but..

Let's talk about Wizard101!
I finished crafting the things I need for the Celestial Observatory. If I can keep the gold I have and not spend it, I should be able to get it done first day! Woo-woot! But while I wait for that to be released on Live, I've been looking at the other Celestia Housing items I could craft and decided I'd make some Statues and Bookshelves. Just a little funny how the Celestian furniture is SO HUGE! Statues are supposed to be big, yes, but look at the size of this Bookshelf!

That doesn't make me feel short at all.. Anyway, I plan on crafting some Celestian Planters, too. And more Tree Sprigs and I'll be farming at Nallanor for some Blooming Trees. Thankfully Trees are better when they're bigger.

I'll close up Crafting with a ProTip (Yeaaaaah, ProTip!): Don't feel limited to the Chancel or Trial of Spheres for your Sand and Sunstones, I personally beat up on Nuncio in the Crab Empire. Both he and his minion are Fire school, so it's easy pickings for my Ice wiz. Most of the end-Science Center and up bosses will drop at least Sandstone.

Pets! So I talked about my Sea Dragons last post and said I was going to get to Hatching with them, and guess what! Just guess! Oh I'll tell you--I did! I was running up Big Ben (Meowiarty's Magical 14 Floors of Madness and Mayhem) sometime this weekend and old Meowiarty dropped his Krokotillian for me! Woot! So I set to hatching on my Balance wizard and have come out with a pretty nice Egg. Princess Rufus and Queen Phoebe were the parents. And here's the Egg:

Was going to give you a picture of the baby, but the timer glitched. Looks like we've got a long wait..

In other Pet news, Quinn got an Ice Bird--finally. I've only been farming since it came out!
Have a great week!

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  1. Congratulations on you MANY in-game accomplishments, Owl. New furniture, crafting, new pets, & your hatching. I also love your starfish's humor :D