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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Update!

Howdy everybody!
Just thought I'd wrap up my weekend with a blog post, so let's review.

Yesterday (Saturday) I harvested my Elder Pink Dandelions; Wow! They give some nice stuff! A couple of rare reagents, another Pink Dandelion seed, and a reaaaally nice Pet Snack, something called Golden Pizza.

Pretty bright for almost dead things..
I also finished scooping up the Pearls and Golden Pearls I needed for the Celestial Observatory. Now I just have to wait out the evilly long crafting times for all of the furniture. Should be a fun.. 16 days. (Had to count up all the things left to craft..) By the way, if you crafters out there haven't checked the Test Realm in the last week or so, the Star Icon requirement was changed to Celestian Shields (from that Hammer Head Shark boss in the District of Stars). Not that I care; had the Star Icons sitting around anyway.

Yesterday was Cassandra Dragonheart's Wizardversary; was a fun few hours of watching PvP. I was tempted to join in once, but I had some things to do around the house and didn't want to leave in the middle of a round. Happy 1 Year, Cass!
(I'll be going on 3 come July 11.. Geesh, Quinn is getting old.)

Other than that, I've been farming the Ravens for gold. No matter what people say, I think the Ravens are better than the Chancel any day. Faster and constant pricing; none of that back and forth with most Celestial Gear.

Anyway.. Have a good week!


  1. Thank you for stopping in my party Owl! I wish you would have jumped in, its all fun and games! Am sorry I didn't know about your blog sooner. I will be putting the word out about it!

  2. Yes, I told Cass about your blog and she tweeted it and I retweeted. I am also going to "promote" yours and Heathers in my blog today. Hope you don't mind :)