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Sunday, June 26, 2011


So I gave the blog a little facelift. I like it, though I'd appreciate some comments from you all. Is this font easy enough to read? I tried to find a font that looked like hand writing, and to be honest I do a lot of my writing in cursive--though it does seem to be a lost art to a lot of people. If it's too problematic please do leave a comment or shoot me an email/tweet.

Also, in the past year or so I have been writing a bit of fanfiction in my spare time. Depending on how adventurous I'm feeling I may start posting little bits of it. It's not my best writing, as I started it last year and you wouldn't believe how a couple of English classes can change the way you do EVERYTHING.
I call it "Dragonspyre Academy" and it's basically about the untold fall of the Dragonspyre Academy from the viewpoints of two students (one from Dragonspyre and another from Ravenwood) as they journey through the Worlds in order to get back to the war front. It's a bit Alternate Universe and doesn't follow the exact guidelines the game has set up in terms of battle and magic in general, but that's what artistic liberties are all about!
EDIT: As it turns out, the document didn't save right when I sent it to myself before my laptop was sent in. The file I have still has some of the text, it's just kinda.. weird. I'll work on it!


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