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Saturday, June 25, 2011

This Week in Review

It has been a beautifully weird week. Yes, weird is beautiful.
This week I have found a new respect for Wizards that play in the Spiral on computers that aren't as advanced as others. While the game does not look horrible on my Desktop, it does not run very well at all. I will never complain about lag ever again (well... never may be an over-exaggeration).

But outside of the hardware realm, it's been a pretty productive week for me in-game. I've made ...some... progress on a new Pet for my Ice and I've actually crafted several items over the course of the week--some Wintertusk rings and athames, a Trident of Typhoons for my Myth wizard (who I'm told has horrendous Block Rating)--I even took the time to go reagent farming somewhere in there! I've been thinking and I may just try to craft a Watchtower Hall for my Myth wizard. ...Maybe.

Test went up so that we could all see the new Malistaire Cut-Scene. I suppose I like it, though now that I've seen it once (well, twice. Had to check the Second Chance Chest the second time around.), I'm not sure I'll ever want to see it again. So instead of that, I did some Pet Training! Because, honestly, why else would we go on Test? Oh yeah.. to uh.. test.. stuff... Heh.
My Wyvern was plagued with Disarm, leading to me staring a new Ice Pet, and my Krok got Sharp Shot (though my Balance wizard has been overseeing the Ice Pet business; Don't ask.), so yay for at least one helpful pet!

Gardening has been somewhat uneventful. I don't know if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I planted some Maelstrom Snap Dragons (MSDs) in hopes of harvesting some Triton Treasure Cards. Well, it's been at least 7 Harvests now and I have not gotten much outside of Perfect Gems and Celestial Reagents, though the Aether and Golden Pearl harvests are ALWAYS appreciated. I'm very hopeful that Elder Harvests are keeping the good stuff in store for me.
This closely resembles the weather we had here ALL WEEK.
And Mocha's expression closely resembles my own because of that.

Other than the norm I have not had much to do in-game, which has lead me to start pondering *gulp* PvPing! *Dun dun dunnnnn!!!!* Just kidding (I think). Will need to work on getting my WaterWorks gear before that, however, so there's probably more to talk about next week then, isn't there? ;)


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