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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twitter! And hard drive eating Gobblers!

So I finally caved and made a Twitter account. And when I say caved I mean "finally got around to signing up for an account." The widget, which I spent an hour trying to find, is over in the sidebar (which I spent another hour trying to make fit). And thanks to the #Twizards for the warn welcomes to the Twittersphere.

And in sad news today, my laptop pooped out last night while I was farming Gobblestone for another Colossus statue. The computer people say my HDD drive failed, so I have to get a whole new hard drive. Fuuuun...

Also typing this from my iPhone, because Google wouldn't let me sign in on my Desktop, so I have to cut this a little short. Talk to you all soon--hopefully on a working computer!

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