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Monday, June 27, 2011

Legendary Necromancy

It only took...areallylongtime...but my Death wizard, Alric Owl, finally hit Legendary today. I've been telling myself "you need to go quest!!", but I just didn't want to. You know? Who'd wanna quest when you can Garden.. or.. stand around and spin while you watch TV? Exactly!

Alric still has quite a bit of Celestia to finish up; he's just at the end of Stormriven Hall now. I had tons of training points to use (because I didn't train my Death in Life), so I went and trained Myth all the way to Earthquake and trained the Minotaur Mutate so now I have a faster method of breaking those pesky Tower Shields (which I also went ahead and trained, by the way).

That's a good Bone Drake. We'll try to dry you off later...
Maelstrom Snap Dragons also started to go Elder this morning. Sadly, I've only gotten one Triton card total. Plenty of Disarm and Cleanse Charm, but the things I want are being pretty elusive. Must say, however, that I was surprised to receive Golden Pearls, Sunstone, and a Mega Snack from earlier harvests (well the Mega was from Elder, but you get the point!).

That's gonna hurt in the morning.
And that's about all I have for this post! Myth is having rotten, rotten luck with Waterworks gear--seems like Luska and Sylster just don't want him to stop visiting!


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