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Monday, January 31, 2011

Badge Get!

Master Artisan get! Yes, that's right, Zachary LegendForge, Legendary Conjurer, has achieved Master Artisan rank. Amazingly, the second time around these quests is really easy. I had most of the reagents stored up in my Shared Bank. And for the horrible Black Pearls requirement? You will never believe this, but somebody sold 35 Black Pearls to the Bazaar. I only bought the 4 that I needed, no need to be greedy, right?, but WOW! I'm guessing they got those from the amazing Pink Dandelions that every boss and their mother drops.

That little tidbit of information prompted me to start my own Pink Dandelion garden; I had a spare MFP laying around, thought I might as well put it to use. Hopefully they aren't super needy...


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