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Friday, January 14, 2011

Ice Elf

Woot! With many thanks to SorceressMiklai (of SorceressMiklai's Hexing Spells & Vexing Tales) and her New Years Resolution contest, I am now the proud owner of an Ice Elf (and what used to be 5000 crowns..)!

Her requirements to enter the contest were to post your resolutions and follow her blog (which you really should do; she's great!). Without further ado, here are the resolutions I posted:

My resolutions:
1. Become more comfortable with the more difficult instances.
(For M4H purposes.)
2. Run my own blog. (Took the first step and created one! Midmorning Owl)
(You're reading it! :P)
3. House all of my wizards.
(This one shouldn't be too difficult to finish. Just hope those Raven$ are ready for me..)
4. "Create" the dream pet for (most if not all of) my wizards.
(Have some updates on this one below.)
5. Get my last two wizards to Legendary.
(RainCaster is almost there, about 20,000 more XP. Alric still hasn't started CL. *whistles*)
6. Attempt to become a serious PvPer.
(I plan on attempting to tackle this this summer, when I can go a long time without being disturbed.)
7. And finally, get Grandmaster Crafter on ALL of my wizards. (Maybe one of KI's resolutions will be to up those Black Pearl drops..)
(KingsIsle didn't do ANYTHING about those Black Pearl drops, but I'm getting closer on this one. I have everybody up to Adept--my Ice Wizard has been Grandmaster Artisan for a while--and my Myth wizard is finishing up this Master Artisan quest. Just 4 more Black Pearls!!)

Huge thanks to SM for hosting that!
Today, well, about an hour ago, I got my Ice Elf and have already trained it to Adult using the 5000 Crowns to purchase a couple of Mega Snack Packs (they're great for these purposes; otherwise I stick to the cheap Energy Elixirs and craft my Snacks).
Jack--as in Jack Frost.. :P
Jack threw himself (or well, I blasted him) into his training and we pulled out with two reasonably helpful talents--Ice-Giver and Ice-Proof. Sometime this weekend I'll have to get to farming so I can start hatching him with my Starfish, Milo. Milo has Snowborn (a talent that gives me a Blizzard card), Spritely, and Iceblade (May Cast). If I had the ability to hand-pick my Talents, I'd go with Ice-Giver and Spritely--maybe even pluck out that unmanifested Spell-Proof that Milo didn't get (well, he could, but I'm not going to get him to Elder).
Thank goodness it's not too expensive..
I'm also getting into the Mixing industry with my Storm wizard. As you all know, Moose has quite the array of Talents manifested. He didn't/hasn't gotten Spritely, but I don't want to level him up to Elder, so I've decided to head another route. I will be hatching to try and get the Ideal Storm Snowman for him. I know, I know--so many of these Dream Pets never become reality, but I really only want to keep Spell-Proof from Moose, so it shouldn't be to difficult--er, expensive.
I plan to hatch with a member of Central. His Storm Snowman has some AWESOME Talents; ones that I would not mind manifesting on the offspring (which I'm hoping will be a Storm-man, if you were wondering).
I'm just waiting for him to get the gold to hatch. We were going to do it earlier, but he spent a little too much on Gardening supplies. I don't mind waiting--"Good things come to those who wait." Right?
Again, if you ever have any questions or comments (or just want to chat!), send me an email at midmorningowl@gmail.com. I'll have to find a way of sticking that somewhere permanently.. Anyway--enjoy your time in the Spiral!

(I'll be trying to remember to use this as a signature from now on..)


  1. It's been a while since I have read any blogs (ugh on my part). Congratulations again on winning and I am glad that your Ice Elf got some decent talents. The starfish, IMO, is a great ice pet to use for stats to hatch with a pet that has the style you like.

    Good Luck with your outcome.


  2. Thanks SM!
    I actually got a Sea Dragon while farming for Star Icons the other day (determined to make that house; and then the switch out the Icon ingredient!) and can't wait to see happens with that pet. Such a long list of things to do..hopefully I can get to hatching soon!