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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Level 55! And Crafted Gear!

Zachary RainCaster, my Storm wizard, hit level 55 this afternoon! On top of that, I spent last night and the entirety of this morning gathering the Golden Pearls to finish crafting his Level 55 Gear. Sooo happy I did, though I know I whined about it earlier.

Coming for you, Critical Gods of Celestia!

So the Surging Spirit Armor isn't the most attractive stuff in the world.. I'll be changing that later tonight, though. As you can see in the second picture I'm low on Crowns.. (That 8% Resist is from Moose, if you were wondering. Hopefully it makes it up to 10% once I get back to the Dancing Game.) I'm really happy that KingsIsle made December and January the Dragonblade pet months; I'll have a Thunder Colossus for just about all of my wizards soon. ;)

Ahh, this was a crazy week. Back to school, new classes, Pep Band just about EVERY night.. was nice to sit on my butt and veg out for a while. I keep meaning to say this, but if you ever want to get a hold of me you can send me a PM over on Wizard101Central, or shoot me an email at midmorningowl@gmail.com--I know I'm registered at BlogSpot with a different address, but I don't seem to check it all that often.. Oops!

- Owl

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