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Monday, January 3, 2011

In Other News..

Today is my last day of winter break. I know a lot of people had to go back to school today already. (I just swallowed my gum as I typed that.. Yikes!) Believe it or not, I like school. I have good classes with most of my friends. However, I've been procrastinating and still haven't taken my Chem and History notes.. Oh well.

My life on Wizard101 has been rather slow over the last few days. Quinn finally reached Master Gardener yesterday morning. Silver Trumpet Vines are Da-BOMB!

As some of you may have noticed, there was a maintenance early this morning. I don't know what they changed, but the Christmas decorations are back in The Commons and Felix Navidad is waiting in the Shopping District again. I usually check my plants in the morning, and surprisingly, one of my Mature Silver Trumpet Vines rolled-back to Young. That's kind of annoying, because I don't have any of their "secret likes" so they take FOREVER to age up... *sigh* I think I'm done with Gardening once I hit GM Gardener.

My Storm conquered Selwyn earlier today, too. THAT was annoying, but not as hard as I was expecting. Unimatus (spelling?) was a lot harder than Selwyn, to be honest. Every time he had 7 Pips he'd Orthrus, and twice (not in the same duel, of course) they hit Critical. Of course, you can't heal with Unimatus, so being Storm and soloing is somewhat harder than it should be.
On the note of Criticals, what are your opinions on them? I personally don't mind when I get them, but they're sooo annoying when I get hit with them. Double standard? Maybe.. I really wouldn't mind them if they were saved for the later areas of Celestia. Several times in the Survey Camp/Grotto, I lost a duel due to untimely Criticals, for which at level 50 there are NO ways to Block.
Just you wait, monsters of Celestia, once I hit level 55, I may or may not be out to get you. Did you know that to craft Stormzilla cards you need Tempest treasure cards (for which there are no recipes..)? That'll be interesting, and may even turn me away from Crafting my Storm's gear completely.

In Pet news, Moose the Spinyfish manifested some helpful-but-not-exactly-what-I-wanted Talents.
Yesterday he got Pip O' Plenty, which is nice, sure, but it's not Spritely. And this morning he manifested Health Gift, which is.. nice, but still isn't Spritely.

There's still one more try. I'll keep at it and praaay for something that is (or is better than) Spritely. My Sea Turtle on my Life wizard manifested Mana Gift--yuck. Who needs Mana once you're out of Unicorn Way? I mean.. seriously.. Ugh.

But sometimes we have to remember that it's all just a game. One of my In-Game resolutions was to take up PvP, and I think I'll start with my Storm wizard. Odd choice, I know, but I've never been one to follow the typical pattern of things.

Until next time!
- Owl


  1. Owl, I have some Tempest cards that I have bought from the bazaar. I was thinking about crafting an outfit for Bri or 'Nessa, but don't know if I will or not. Not even sure if these are the ones you might need. Hit me up in-game.

    Alura HexCaster/Brianna MoonCloud/Vanessa StormCaller

  2. Actually, I spent about an hour last night clicking refresh and ended up getting all that I needed; even snagged a couple of Stormzillas to ease some of the crafting time.

    I found that any Tempest/Stormzilla card will work, as long as it is not Enchanted.
    Now it's just a matter of waiting for the dumb 10 HOUR TIMER to cool down.