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Monday, January 31, 2011

Test Realm: OPEN! and Thriller!

I am a HUGE Gleek and have been waiting since.. uhm.. the week before Christmas for a new episode/song to come out. The next episode, for those wondering, will be playing next Sunday after the Super Bowl on Fox. Woo-woot!

Now to the main reason for two posts in one day! If you're a fan of Wizard101 on Facebook (or you've seen Central at all in the past hour..) you know that the Test Realm has been opened for Celestial Housing and other small additions/changes. My files haven't finished patching/updating quite yet, but did anybody notice that the icon is different now?

Okay not a major difference, but I like it!

So I think I'll be documenting my "adventures" on Test in this post, check back later if you want, for pictures. Or I might lie and make a totally new post.. who knows! Here's a checklist for those of you like me and need a little order to everything: (in corresponding order to the Update Notes located here.)
○ Buy Island Getaway House and CHECK IT OUT!
○ Check crafting requirements for new Celestial Observatory--it's got a dueling ring!
Gardening--Not Testing
World Updates 
○ Check out Orn's Quest.
○ Laugh at Ahn Nao's name--LOL! Ooh, check! (Get it, On Now; Ahn Nao... yeah..)
Membership Benefits
...Hmm.. these should be interesting (and might cause quite a ruckus--seems like an issue similar to those Open Chat "updates")
○ Use that faster Crafting Timer to Craft something super complicated! (Like the new CL House.. Coincident? I think not!)
○ Randomly add people until I reach 120! And then delete everybody I don't know!
○ Use that 2x As Fast Refilling Energy to train my Storm Snowman! (Oh, did I mention I finally got one? AND I hatched it with Moose. I'll put a picture below with the predicted talent outcomes..)
Crowns Shop Updates
○ Mourn the passing of some nice 7-Day Mounts. (Momentary silence...)
○ Check out the Gold Price changes.
Misc. Updates
○ Make my Ice Hound cast itself!
○ Quickly find Golden Pearls/Pearls! (Woot--got to Master Artisan just in time on my Myth wiz!)
○ Buy some GH Wallpaper and Flooring for my GH themed room!

Phew.. looks like we've got some work to do.. As promised, here's that Talent spread, and I'll talk to you guys next post!

Yellow is from Taz, my Stormman. Purple? (can't tell, I'm colorblind..) is from Moose. White means that those talents were EXACTLY THE SAME according to Petnome. Maybe they've fixed this weird Talent display problem? **That second "Spell Proof" (Rare-2 Dots) should say Health Gift. Oops!


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