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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Celestial New Years

Aaah; 2011!
Hopefully 2010 was good to you. It was for me, in numerous ways.

So I've spent my morning (and large majority of afternoon, now that I look at the clock) questing my Storm wizard through Celestia. Going rather fast; I guess having a powerful AoE spell makes all the difference. I've died my fair few times, and I admit to buying some Henchmen for some of the more annoying boss fights (but, honestly, I don't really ever use my Crowns for anything other than stitching..).

I just started the District of the Stars. Celestia sure goes fast your fifth time through.. Level 51, about a bar away from 52. I realize I said I wasn't going to start Celestia until I finished his Level 55 Craft-able gear, but I was fighting Cuthalla (Pylon in Stormriven) yesterday and I got a Spinyfish drop! Second duel--amazing luck, I know.
So between my levels I take time to drain aaaall of that Energy and train it. I'm super happy with it so far. I've only gotten it to Teen, but the very first--yes, VERY FIRST talent it manifested was Spell Proof.

Yes, Moose the Spinyfish. 

Can't wait to get back into the Cannon Game and see what he'll get next. (Spritely, I hope..)


Well, that's about all I have to talk about for now. I have to get on and try hatching that Reaver again; 4 failed hatches so far, on two different wizards (I've been passing my Satyr and Hyrda back and forth..). I think this'll be the last hatch, not that I don't want one, but it's really not worth losing all this gold for.. and I'm just a little to antsy to sit and farm Oyotomi for gold. :P

My resolutions for this year are the same as last.. Keep my grades up, meet new people, yadda yadda. Hopefully you fulfilled all of yours last year, and good luck to the ones you've set for yourself this year!

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