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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grandmaster Gardener and Leviathan

Busy, busy day. Started the morning off checking up on my garden of Silver Trumpet Vines (which then inspired me to go practice my trumpet.. but back to the topic!).

Grandmaster Gardener achieved! Personally, I think once these guys reach Elder I'll be done with gardening. Waaay too much work for such small reward (most of the time..).

After that I spent the rest of the morning leveling up my Storm wizard. Stormriven has NEVER been so easy--nothing faster than a Critical Storm Lord.  But quest by quest, level 58 got closer. I seem to have when exactly I'll hit it down to a science now; seeing as I always hit 58 once I'm in the Science Center.

Leviathan's ingredient is probably the weirdest yet. Worms.. Ick.. Anyway, with the help of all the guides piled up on Central, Khai wasn't nearly as hard as people make him out to be.

I love Spell Quest spell appearances. They give the best photo opportunities.

Great spell. Great quest. Great day. Hopefully your weekend is/was kind and productive.

- Owl

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